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Case Studies

We have witnessed thousands cases of successful recoveries. 
We would like to introduce some of them, that look like the most complicated categories from the conventional point of view:

I. Cerebrocardiovascular incidents:

Post stroke rehabilitation

Coronary heart disease

Post Stroke Rehabilitation case 2

Moderate Cerebrocardiovascular Accident (emergency case)

II. Fever of Unknown Origin

Case A

Case B

Case C (emergency –dynamic test)

Case D (emergency –influenza H1N1)

III. Cancer


IV. Psychiatric and Mental  Ailments

Panic attack 

Alzheimer disease


V. Rare Immune Disorder of Unknown Origin 

Rare Immune Disorder of Unknown Origin


Ψ-TC correction  works  well for different health ailments and imbalances, even when there is no efficient treatment available by  the conventional medicine.

The best recovery rate depends upon the age of the patients, period of illness, psychological type, life style, etc.