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           COVID-2019 Compassionate Message

First Line of Self Defense

Thai Government and Ministry of Public Health of Thailand addressed public to help them manage the situation with COVID-2019 Pandemic.

Our partners and doctors recommended us to offer urgent sales of NM Total Revitalizer, which helps the immune system defend itself from complicated viral infections.

NM Total Revitalizer was approved by Thai FDA as a skincare product.

Many doctors reported about NM Total Revitalizer's efficacy to revitalize patients' immune system and to solve different health problems, including infections with influenza viruses, seasonal flu, foot-and-mouth disease, autoimmune disorders, states like cytokine storm, allergic reactions, etc.

Doctors recommended their patients to use NM Total Revitalizer spray at nasal, facial and eye areas.

NM Total Revitalizer is produced with the help of innovative enzymes from herbal extracts, containing molecular oxygen that is necessary for cellular respiration.

Laboratory results have shown that NM Total Revitalizer works well to defend the immune system. Microbial contamination tests revealed that it protects the skin and cellular tissue from  viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

NM Total Revitalizer has no side effects, is non-toxic and does not contain any preservatives.

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The products are original and the research was not funded by any organization or institution.