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Scientists have found a way to stop coronavirus replication

Scientists from Brain Power and MSU have published a paper on the molecular physics and dynamics of the COVID-19 virus*. They have developed a technology to stop COVID-19  replication in the human body.

To deprive COVID-19 of its reproductive ability, scientists have used the technology to create a natural quantum field of cellular membranes that prevents the excessive spin off of charged spikes of the virus. 

Scientists are looking at possible ways and combinations that might help the virus to bypass that protection. But so far the virus has not been able to bypass NM-REV protection.

*An unusual phenomenon caused by COVID-19 from the perspective of the physics of life Marina Lobova (Engl)

*An unusual phenomenon caused by COVID-19 from the perspective of the physics of life, Marina Lobova (Thai)


Research Laboratory

NM REV Nasal Spray creates an effective shield against infection with a different strains of COVID-19.


Objective : During June 2021, the rate of infection of the COVID-19 virus and deaths in Thailand have increased dramatically. for our study We refer to many cases One of them was a company meeting where 50 people were infected with the coronavirus because they used the same microphone for training. The number of fatal cases in the company was 12, while 38 others had only a slight coronavirus infection. in requesting to initiate a COVID-19 infection at that company Seven were hospitalized, 2 died within 3 days. 5 of the 7 were using NM REV. They began to recover on the second day after using NM REV. They were discharged from the hospital after 7 days. because there is no COVID-19 infection 

Approximately 18 confirmed cases of COVID-19 had improved, that included cases with the COVID-19 infections, COVID-19 symptoms, as well as quick improvement from side effects after vaccinations. All cases started recovery on the second day after using NM Rev and felt normal in 2-3 days: stopped runny nose, allergies, breathed easier and slept much better.

NM Rev - The innovative nasal wash creates a protective barrier over the nasal mucosa that blocks the virus from infecting the nasal cells. Tested for its effectiveness against COVID-19 infection.

Method :

A total of 25 people took NM REV every 2-3 hours on the first day and followed up applying NM REV  3 times a day for a week. A impressive recovery was reported in one day. In 2-3 days patients felt almost normal. 


Over a period of 14 days, 25 subjects were reported to be infected with COVID-19 infection or having COVID-19 symptoms. Everyone recovered well.

Patients also reported that the complications and side effects after different vaccinations began to disappear in the 2-3 days.

No side effects for NM REV were reported.

NM REV could be an additional tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in addition to recommended safety measures. This is the first time that COVID-19 protection measures other than the use of masks have been proven effective.

Keywords:  NM REV; COVID-19; marine enzymes (quantum shield); nasal spray; protection

More reports from experts and customers:

Dr.Suree Supalaknaree, Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Pharmacy, University of Tasmania, Australia, Former lecturer in Pharmacology and toxicology, Faculty of Science and College of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University for 28 years, e-mail:

I had great experience with Revitalizer as eye drops to remove symptoms of ruptured capillaries in the eyes. I was a professor in the University of Thailand and I had to work  with PC computer everyday for my teaching classes. The symptoms appeared after prolong daily use of my computer. Hospital treatment with steroid drops and artificial tears helped me earlier. But symptoms of ruptured capillaries were coming back again and again, because I had to work for many hours per day with my  PC computer. One day I was given Revitalizer solution. First I hesitated to use it due to blue color of solution, because previously I was familiar with colorless eye solutions. But one day I decided to try it and saw a big change in my eyes. The symptoms of redness and bleeding-like in eye white had disappeared after use for a couple of times. That was a radical cure!  Now I can spend long time working in front of computer, typing and reading without any problem as before. My eyes are so healthy now. NM Revitalizer works as a skin care for all skin layers. It enhances the cellular membranes of all cells. In addition, nasal spray can be applied for COVID prevention as it was shown in Pre-clinical tests.



Clinical Cases studies on Immune system

By Marina Lobova

Brain Power Project

Some people get really sick from COVID-19, and others don’t. Nobody knows why. There are still no exact answer how does immunity works. The article presents the study of immune response to different factors as well as the positive methods that can enhance immune system. 


The human immune system is a network of all life processes that protects the body from disease. Consider innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Modern research is actively studying synthetic biology and humoral immunity. Acquired humoral immunity is the basis of vaccination, which affects liquid media - extracellular and cellular.

However, human immunity is not limited to liquid media. It includes more subtle systems and “life settings ". Therefore, we will consider more broadly the question of the influence on the immune system of various factors [1]. We begin our discussion by reviewing some of the results of clinical trials and turn to the study of two types of immune response. We also investigate the question of the possibility of regulation and restoration of immune processes.


We studied clinical impacts after vaccination on human health using the scientific equipment MRIT [2], Molecular Resonance Imaging Technology, similar to MRI and EEG. The bio-med data was obtained using MRIT scan before vaccination and after 2-3 days after the procedure. The subjects with different response for vaccination were investigated. The impacts and health analyses were compared with reviewing of the different factors affecting individual health.


We included 2 subjects to compare two different reactions for vaccinations: first subject (Fig.1) did not feel any side effects after vaccination and did not report about any type of symptoms or sickness. The second subject developed a little fever on day 2 and 3 after vaccination, dizziness, red swollen eyes, increased blood pressure (Fig.2).



Part I: Study different Impacts on the Immune system

Case study 1.

Fig 1. Case 1: Female subject, aged 52, did not report or feel any side effects and had not developed any  symptoms of sickness.

Female subject, aged 52, did not report or feel any side effects and had not developed any  symptoms of sickness. Bio-med data of MRIT scan before vaccination and 2 days after vaccination were compared. MRIT scan revealed the retardation of major psychophysical functions: endocrine system (hormone production: minus 73), brain ventricles (minus 51)  and medial cerebral (minus50) areas, kidneys (minus 58), liver (minus 50), DNA (minus 53) and more. Vaccines target cell-to-cell humoral impact, memory B-cell and T-cells. However bio-med data revealed the retardation of all living functions.

The only active data relates to neurohypophysis and transmission of neural signals.

The comparison of active signaling of neurohypophysis (13%) with retardation of the hormone release by adenohypophysis (minus 71%), the frontal part of pituitary gland, may indicate the specific toxicity induced by doping components.  

Fi.2. Neural signal NS-7 related to subconscious response: in case 1 NS- 7 specifies internal unbalance and conflict caused by doping.   In case 2 NS-7 is normal. (Yellow range –normal)

Thus we decided to review the subject’s general health tests. They revealed tendency to cirrhosis and a stomach tumor that should be related  to regular alcohol consumption. The Psycho test [3,4] revealed stressed innate immune index, unusual highly stressed neural signaling at subconscious level, as well as tendency to depressive moods. Under such conditions the subject may not feel what comes from vaccines and what difference comes from contamination by other factors such as doping factors.

Case study 2:

The investigation of the second subject had shown the following results:

Fig 3. Case 2: Male subject, aged 65, had developed dizziness, swollen red eyes, increased blood pressure and fever on day 2 and 3 after vaccination.

Male subject, aged 65, had developed dizziness, swollen red eyes, increased blood pressure and fever on day 2 and 3 after vaccination. MRIT scan (Fig.2) revealed retardation of most psychophysical functions: endocrine system (minus 68-69), cerebral (minus 55-58), kidney (minus 54), liver (minus 41), DNA Matrix (minus 49), etc. (The subject felt dizzy, had got swollen red eyes, increased blood pressure and had fever on day 2 and 3 after vaccination). Bio-med data of the red blood cells had positive value due to the subject’s regular sport activities (golf), while the white blood cells had negative impact.

The subject’s conventional clinical tests that were obtained right after vaccination had shown a sharp increase of Glucose (5 times), increase of SGPT (ALT), Creatinine, BUN that indicate worsening of kidney parameters.

We approached another type of MRIT scan to analyze the Psy parameters of the subject. The investigation revealed stressed neural signaling that is associated with innate immunity, while the adaptive immune system was considerably retarded. The info-sensory signaling and chronobiological reactions (Time functions) were also retarded.  

Fig. 4.A. shows adaptive immune signals: in case 1- normal, in case 2 – low and weakening immune defense; B. shows how living processes are going on: in case 1- normal, in case 2 retarded. 



Synthetic substances such as vaccines target humoral immunity (body liquids). But both cases

revealed considerable retardation of all physiological functions after vaccination. . The retardation from stability levels relates to slowing of time functions and was described by the author in the earlier works [2,3,4,5].  

Our study shows the vaccination impacts on complex structures of immune systems.

We conclude that more studies are necessary to provide a comprehensive understanding of impacts of vaccines, and more search for subsequent health solutions.

Part II. Search for heath solutions

The second part of our study relates to the search for potential solutions to restore the health functions. Our two cases above had revealed the retardation of psychophysical functions. The retardation indicates the slower processes. Therefore we have to look for methods that could compensate and activate the optimum psychophysical functions.

In our earlier article [5] we had described the Neuro Bio Stimulation (or Correction)  and MRIT that allow to sense the quantum states of  spinning micro structures in living systems. An upgrade system of Neuro Bio Stimulation and method allow activating and synchronizing the patient’s psychophysical activities.

The results were as follows:

Fig.5. Case 1: Results after Neuro Bio Stimulation  

Fig. 6. Case 2: Results after Neuro Bio Stimulation

In both cases the patients’ experiences positive results as in Fig.3. and Fig.4.

Part III. Evaluating the impacts on DNA Expression by different factors

We compared the results and impacts on DNA Matrix Expression by different factors such as life style (sleepless night and drinking wine) and vaccination impact.


Fig. 7. DNA Matrix Expression: f-MRIT scan shows the health impacts by life style (1) and by vaccination (2).

The life style produces stronger impacts on DNA Matrix Expression than vaccination. Therefore it should be recommended to avoid drinking and insufficient sleep before and after vaccination procedures, which could increase negative health impacts.

Next study aims to answer the question if it is possible to regulate DNA Matrix Expression.

Fig. 8. Impacts of different factors on DNA Matrix Expression: A. Life style impact after sleepless night and wine drinking, B. After Neuro Bio Stimulation; C. Impact after vaccination, D. After Neuro Bio Stimulation.

On Fig 6.A. The DNA Matrix Expression is retarded after sleepless night and wine drinking. On Fig. 6.B. DNA Matrix is activated by Neuro Bio Stimulation. The bar at Fig. 6.C. shows retardation of DNA Matrix to minus 45 after vaccination procedure. The bar at Fig. 6. D. DNA Matrix is activated by NBS to 57%.

Following the above results we have to forecast that impact of vaccination would be affected by the life style, even though people may not feel the results instantly due to doping effects.

Important role belongs to the difference in innate, adaptive and cellular humoral systems and feedback. In our case 1 the higher level of the immune system did not get any warning from the humoral network. The regular doping effects turned off the info-sensory signaling.

Now we approach an important question, which, in fact, represents a grand challenge: is it possible to stimulate and “rejuvenate”  DNA Matrix Expression? The known research states that shortening of Telomerase is responsible for aging [6].

The results of impacts of NBS on DNA Matrix Expression show the following data:  

Fig. 9. Impacts on DNA Matrix and Telomerase Expression by NBS.

The above graphs show the results of DNA Matrix and Telomerase Expression after stimulation by NBS that activates synchronization and Time wave functions [5].

The activation of Time functions maintains the DNA Matrix and Telomerase Expression and enhances human health. It helps to understand and control Time functions in the structures and enhance the interactions of the spins and motion in tiny living systems. (Remark: NBS was provided for the total living system< while the Fig. 7 shows the selected results for DNA Matrix group only.)

The present study of 2 cases reveals the complex structures of human immunity - the basis of which is Time wave function. Time wave function is responsible for all motions and interactions in living systems at each moment of life. Therefore to enhance the immunity - means to control Time function.

Our earlier research in physics of living systems (biomechanics, Psychomechanics, Time functions) revealed the scope of important factors that form human immune system, secure survival and support the quality of life. Those articles contain more details and fundamental data.


According to the laws of nature, living systems are endowed with the power to synchronize them in the real time world. All tiny elements, cells, organs are unified and synchronized in all their varieties of life processes in order to adapt for the mutual survival of the entire living system. The innate and adaptive immune systems maintain an individual's existence at an optimal level of balance.

Semi-synthetic molecules, artificially created for technological purposes, operate according to different rules. Lacking internal reserves and the ability to increase these reserves, they are forced to use the reserves of other systems, more advanced. The question is what reserves they will take and how much harm they can do to the new owner.

Scientists believe that they know no more than 7% of information about the microworld, no more than 3-4% of information about genetics, no more than 4-5% of information about energy. It is at this level that not quite perfect technologies are now being created.

In this work, we examined several clinical cases of complexity of immune reactions to the use of synthetic drugs, i.e. modern vaccines.

Investigating the reserve potential and the nature of the stability of immune states, we applied a new method to restore optimal body functions.

 Our study revealed that human immunity can be considerably enhanced by Neuro Bio Stimulation and control of Time wave functions [5].

More studies will able to shed more light on hidden abilities of human immune system.


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