Brain Power Clinic and Institute


A new and exciting product was created for you!

NEURO MATRIX-M revives tiny structures and living cells that control production of hormones in Body & Mind system to make you feel better, happier and look younger.

We apply the next paradigm approach in the Science of Life, Human Body & Mind approach. We understand how dynamic systems work. Our scientific publications had been dedicated to the description of structure and dynamics of human living system, how it functions, perceives internal information and adapts to life in the external world.     

Our 25 years of R&D in Neuroscience, Bio-Med, Quantum Genomics, Psychophysics resulted in amazing scientific findings that allowed us to create a unique technology - MATRIX-M (Brain Power).

“The Earth sends her messages to You. Open your heart and listen to them!” – told us the famous Thai Monk, Luang Phor Chareon. The “Earth Message” concept originated from the late Luang Phor Chareon of Wat Tham Krabok. He studied Sacred Earth information from various natural sources and media, and inspired us to create our project.

We spent over 2 decades to research and verify our findings. Originally, we aimed to produce music for meditation about the harmony of life sent to us by our planet Earth. However, it turned into music with amazing healing impacts. Now we can say “Your cells send their messages to you. Open your Heart and listen to them!”

With our technology, we collect bio-data from your healthy cells, perform quantum energy research, and infuse with the living time matter. All this data comes to you nicely wrapped into a musical package. Now you can just relax, listen, and become healthier and happier.

Bio data from healthy cells, quantum energy research and complex quantum formulas, living time matter – all exclusive data are nicely wrapped into special music. A very special technology was developed for you! Just relax and listen: feel better, healthier and happier!

An –easy-to- use advanced technology refers to music rehabilitation, art and entertainment, thus it does not require FDA approval.