Brain Power Clinic and Institute

Message from Acad. Marina Lobova

Thank you for visiting Brain Power. We hope this website will help you to understand the world of Brain Power.

Our clinic is happy to introduce to you a revolutionary way to rejuvenate and enhance your bodily functions as well as your mind and consciousness. We at Brain Power see ourselves as pioneers bringing to you the wonders of Quantum advancements, especially the discovery of Ψ-tronic Tomography (Ψ-TT), a new imagining technology, which captures more data from the organic tissue than any other imaging technology.

Imagine that our brain works as a magnificent conductor of a unique symphony orchestra, where every live cell is entangled with all the other cells, senses the dynamic information in the form of pulses, rhythms, and Ψ –waves, which are transmitted out and received back, compared, stored, etc.

If your mind feels happy, your body might feel like “flying”.  Or if you feel sad or helplessness, your mind becomes  quiet, while  the body feels less energetic.

Someday, when one feels physical pain or a “headache”, please, be aware that the brain sends a warning message of a forthcoming problem, meaning that some cellular group is experiencing a problem with its  body functions and cannot be tuned into the major performance instantly. 

Through the spontaneous access to a higher level of consciousness one might experience the “six sense” or intuitive knowing. Such feeling represents the advanced function of the brain, which arrives from the glimpse into the “future” event.

And a feeling like “Déjà vu” (French:[deja vy]  "already seen") comes from some experience in the “past”. It is called “retarded function” of the brain.  Those functions are very delicate and could be sensed in certain conditions only.

From point of view of physics this phenomena could be explained by the elementary spinor particles Ψ-trons representing the Ψ – fields or fields of consciousness. Besides Ψ-wave function Ψ-trons describe superluminal psychophysical phenomena, moving in the future and in the past.

Thus the whole sophisticated process resembles a dynamic hologram, a phase portrait of the Ψ- wave functions, or, in other words, an entanglement  of the quantum states of biological systems.

Ψ-TT does not apply any invasive therapy or harmful irradiations. Our treatments are 100% non-invasive, safe and chemical free.

I would like to invite you to enjoy our cutting edge Quantum clinic where all you have to do is sit back and relax while our staff diagnose and treat you. Using Ψ-TT modulated waves, we are able to find out what’s making you unwell and then provide the appropriate Neuro Bio Correction. This is great for busy professionals as well to unwind for a few minutes after work.

We are passionate in our goal to make you look and feel fabulous, so please come and give us a try.  We will surely make your visit an enlightenment.

If anyone were to ask me about the challenges in my work, I would have to reply: “The most difficult and challenging part is to find the origin of the problem! Once we identify it, then we can start solving it.”

We are grateful to many doctors, researchers as well as our friends for their cooperation, support, and encouragements.