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First Line Self-Defense

NM Total Revitalizer 

NM Total Revitalizer uses balanced-Nature approach to revitalize cellular functions.

NM Total Revitalizer contains innovative enzymes (Chronokinese) from natural ingredients that help to revitalize cellular tissue by

  • Activating living cells and
  • Acting as stop-codon for Self-Defense

Vitality means the power of Life in Real Time. Decreased vitality causes cells to collapse. That is seen both in physical and mental functions.

Natural enzymes are easily absorbed through the skin at any place they are applied - on the face, neck, temples, nasal or around eye areas, etc.

Innovative products with natural enzymes are organic and based upon advanced science of nanotechnology and quantum physics. Products are non-toxic, contain no preservatives, and have no side effects.

Biomedical tests had shown that it inhibits various pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella spp. Clostridium spp. , Escherichia coli , Coliform , Yeast & mold , etc.

                                                                                                         Coronavirus Alert

The virus affects airways and soft tissue between nasal and upper palate areas. Then it spreads deeper into the brain tissue. Much later, the virus will spread into the respiratory or the digestive system. Thus the virus cannot be detected at once. The impacts depend upon the individual's health conditions.


First Line Self-Defense

How to use NM Total Revitalizer

  • As a First Line Self–Defense - spray on facial, nasal, around eyes tissue (clear your eye makeup first)
  • In case you are not feeling well, unbalanced and develop painful sensation at nasal areas - spray Revitalizer every hour. Spray Revitalizer at nasal area as deep as you can. You also can spray at your mouth and into the throat.
  • Before going to bed: boil water and breathe over steam: inhale warm steam for 2-3 minutes. Caution: do not hurt yourself!  Wipe the sweat from your face. Go to bed and apply NM Total Revitalizer by dropping it deep into nasal and throat areas. Spray on the temples in case of headache.

 Deficient health states mean low vitality that occur due to

  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Chemicals in food, drinks
  • Pollution with particles, noise, etc.
  • Absence of Sun light and decreased connection with Nature that protects Life of complementary living subsystems.


Other use and testimonials from doctors:

                                                   An essential product that restores and protects your skin

NM Total Revitalizer

    Innovative enzymes are designed to care about your skin and eyes. The nanoparticles will help to quickly repair the cells and balance healthy hormone circulation.

   Natural enzymes are easily absorbed through the skin at any place where they are applied - on the face, neck, temples, etc.

   Innovative products with marine enzymes are organic and based upon the advanced science of nanotechnology and quantum physics.

  It protects your skin and eyes from pollution, allergies from excess computer screen irradiation, etc. 


                                                        Healthy eyes – healthy sleep

 NM Total Revitalizer helps to protect your eyes and sleep better without seeing bad dreams.


Product speaks for itself

Anti aging effects

Before and after 7 minutes


Skin repair of side effects after use of a cosmetic cream

Before and after 3-4 days


Autoimmune disorder

Before     and        after 10 days


Skin disorder during second stage of breast cancer

Before     and        after 10 days