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In our deepest states of consciousness, we are able to explore multiple universes and multi-dimensional projection spaces. Projections of this kind may go beyond daily perceptive space to deeper cognitive spaces.” 

Dr. John Lilly, M.D.

New approach and technologies are based upon the breakthrough in Quantum Physics and opening a new paradigm in Life Science and Medicine.

Broader spectrum data assessed by Ψ-Tronic Tomography technology allows deeper studying and better understanding  human body and mind functions as well as the dynamic interactions  between the biological systems.

Ψ-Tronic Tomography helps to develop a new approach to individualized healthcare: Ψ-Tronic Imaging (Ψ-TI) for advanced diagnostics and Neuro Bio Correction (NBC) for advanced health solutions for Body and Mind.

The new approach is beyond the conventional concept and belongs to the next level of healthcare technologies.

      1. There is a large unmet need for next-generation diagnostic systems that provide the required sensitivity and precision for quantifying bioenergy markers being delivered by the discovery process.

      2. There are larger needs for the biometric and bio regulating systems that provide the health management and solutions.

We at Brain Power feel that this project is very beneficial to the public!




Ψ-tronic  Tomography (Ψ-TT)  is a pioneering technology and based upon the breakthrough in fundamental physics representing a discovery both in medical imaging  systems Ψ-Tronic Imaging (Ψ-TI) for diagnostic purposes  and Ψ-Tonic Correction (Ψ-TC) or Neuro Bio Correction (NBC) to restore and even optimize the Body and Mind functions.

Ψ-TI  is primary a medical imaging technology used to visualize the entanglement of quantum states of the internal bio structures that looks as a dynamic quantum hologram. Based on quantum modeling of neural systems (Quantum Models of Consciousness), described by Quantum Mechanics and Vacuum equations, Ψ-TI instantly scans and analyses the functions of body systems: neurological, cardiovascular, muscular skeletal, respiratory, digestive, as well as specific organs, tissues, fluids. It allows assessing the information about the type of pathologies: acute, chronic, etc. Ψ-TI interactive assessments make it possible to provide the advanced forecasts of a large variety of pathological and nosological processes, which are available with other conventional technologies.  

Unlike CT and MRI, it uses no ionizing powerful magnetic radiation, instead it uses weak spin fields to align the spin of orientable quantum particles in various tissues, fluids and other subtle structures in the body.

We have been able to develop the unique Ψ-TI and Ψ-TC or NBC methods and protocols for applications of the state-of–the-art Ψ-TT equipment. Those protocols allow to capture, interpret and optimized  different biometrical data with the precision reaching  90-95 %. 


Ψ-TT Methods and Protocols include the following:

      1. Ψ-TI diagnostics allowing quick assessment of the pathogenic processes in various tissues, organs, and body systems.

           • Ψ-TI functional and Ψ-TI interactive diagnostics help to analyze and compare the real time input about body and mind functions. They make possible to evaluate the failing  organs or other functional defects of body systems.

      2. Ψ-TC or NBC correction  is a new method to accelerate the recoveries of body and mind functions  after various events of  health ailments and imbalances.

             • Dynamic-Ψ-TC (d-Ψ-TC) or NBC represents a unique method to evaluate the ability of the body and mind system to restore and optimize their functions. d-Ψ-TC method and equipment following  several sessions of NBC  correction sessions allows to follow the progress of recovery as well as to forecast the future health tendencies.